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About the company | The Digital Library

The Digital Library provides online platforms where users can access and drill-down digitised content into useful information for their professional needs.

About us | eLaw.my

eLaw.my is Malaysia's largest database of court judgments and legislation, streamlined in a powerful, yet user-friendly engine for busy legal professionals like yourself.

Our Content | elaw.my

The Digital Library Sdn Bhd is proud to work with The Legal Review Sdn Bhd in Malaysia to host its legal-centric data on elaw.my.

The content includes:


Case Law

eLaw's digital library houses more than 60,000 judgments from the Industrial Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and Federal/Supreme Court of Malaysia, dating all the way back from the 1900s.


Updated legislation of Malaysia including amending acts, PU(A)s, and PU(B)s, displayed in an easy to access and print format.



Search Engine

Our efficient yet user friendly search engine will help you find what you are looking for. With our advanced, multi-functional search options, you can cross-search for cases and legislation, drill-down with specific criteria, and access referred cases and legislation.

Multi-Journal Case Citator

Do you have a citation from any of the local journals that you would like to search for? eLaw gives you the option to extract judgments based on the citations of the various local legal publications.

Search Overruled Cases

The relationships between referred cases can be either viewed via a map diagram or a list - e.g. considered, followed, overruled, distinguished or referred.

Mobile Apps

Available for download in any platform:
  •     ♦ Android
  •     ♦ Apple iOS
  •     ♦ Windows Phone
  •     ♦ Blackberry

About the company | The Legal Review

The Legal Review is a publisher of three law reports in Malaysia.

   (1) Malaysian Law Review (Appellate Courts) - "MLRA" A weekly selection of
          judgments from the Court of Appeal and the Federal Court.
   (2) Malaysian Law Review (High Court) - "MLRH" A weekly selection of
          judgments from the High Court.
   (3) Malaysian Employment Law Review - "MELR" A fortnightly selection of
          judgments from the Industrial court and the superior courts.

The Legal Research Hotline | 03-2775 7700 (eLaw)

The Legal Research Hotline, as its name suggests, is a toll-free hotline meant to assist legal professionals in their research of Malaysian case law and legislation. The hotline is managed by Data Solutions Sdn. Bhd., an integrated marketing solutions company in Malaysia.

The Digital Library has directed all inbound calls to The Legal Research Hotline managed by Data Solutions. The Legal Review has also engaged Data Solutions to handle all its inbound calls via the hotline. It is hoped that this initiative will facilitate a one-stop toll-free hotline for legal research queries in Malaysia.

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